• Panasonic Door Station for SF70 Video Intercom System(VL-VF580BX)

Panasonic Door Station for SF70 Video Intercom System

Model : VL-VF580BX

Price  : RM590

Main features

You can use the following main features with this product.

Answering calls

When you receive a call from a door station, the monitor rings. You can monitor the visitor on the monitor display

before answering a call. 

Monitoring the outside

You can monitor the situation outside with the door station. 

Viewing recorded images

Images are automatically recorded (maximum of 50 images) when a visitor presses the call button of the door station,or when you monitor with the door station. You can view recorded images when the monitor is idle (not used for talking or monitoring, or there are no incoming calls). When the maximum is reached, existing images, starting with the oldest image, are automatically overwritten.

Unlocking electric locks

If an electric lock (user supplied) is connected to the door station, you can use the monitor to unlock the door. 

Calling other monitors

If optional monitors are connected to the system, you can use a monitor to call other monitors.

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Panasonic Door Station for SF70 Video Intercom System(VL-VF580BX)

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